What is Into Tech?

We are a community of engineers interested in learning about, and working in, tech. Whether you are a new grad, bootcamp grad, or just interested in getting into tech, this is where you will discover newly funded startups, job opportunities, and tips on finding a fulfilling career.

The industry has too much noise, let me help you pick up the signals.

Newly Funded Startups

I only share startups that are interesting and that I think will be successful. These are the companies you want to watch and reach out to for job opportunities.

Job Opportunities

I scour my connections and databases to bring you interesting job opportunities at cool companies that I think will be successful.

Tips & Tricks

Everyone has advice on how to get a job. Doing what everyone else is doing won’t be as effective as creating your own success. I will share posts/articles/tips on how you can stand out and create awesome opportunities for yourself at companies.

Looking forward to seeing you in our community!

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