Into Tech: AI Drones, Prescription Delivery, Startups Funded During Covid-19

This past week’s newly funded startups, jobs, and tips

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Newly Funded Startups


The future is here: Skydio builds flying AI powered drones that are used by consumer, enterprise, and government customers. Check out their newly unveiled X2, it’s so cool! They just announced a whopping $100 million Series C.

LinkedIn | Crunchbase


Medly is a digital pharmacy platform that offers free, same-day prescription delivery. Rather than going to your local pharmacy and having to pick up your prescriptions, you can let your doctor know that Medly is your preferred pharmacy and Medly will deliver your prescriptions to your door. They just raised a $100 million Series B to continue expanding their business.

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Lattice is a people management platform that helps companies build engaged, high-performing teams & winning cultures. The best companies want to make sure their employees are fulfilled, engaged, and feel like they have an impact and Lattice provides the tools to help make that happen. They have been on a roll and just announced a $45 million Series D.

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Job Opportunities

FYI: if you see 2+ years of experience on a job post, apply anyway

Software Engineer (NY) | Medly

As I posted above, Medly just raised a new round of funding and this means they are hiring. If you are interested in helping people get access to their prescription medicine in a simple way, check out this role.

Product Engineer (SF) | Unit21

Unit21 helps protect businesses against adversaries through a simple API and dashboard for detecting and managing money laundering, fraud, and other sophisticated risks across multiple industries. As the world continues to move more financial transactions to the internet, having protection against fraudulent activity becomes more important. So if that interests you, you should definitely apply.

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Full Stack Software Engineer (SF) | Canary

We all know Covid-19 has changed the world and with that change, come many opportunities for businesses to adapt. Canary is doing just that by providing contactless check-in authorization, contract signing, and amenity listing for hotel guests. They are working with some solid hotel brands and offering a really nice experience for hotel guests.

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Tips & Tricks

If you see a company you like but don’t see any available positions on their careers page, go to their LinkedIn and click See all (number) of employees. Reach out to one or more of the employees who may be able to tell you more about the company and if there are any roles available that would fit your skillset.

Gold mine: check out this amazing list of startups that have been funded since the pandemic began. Go through that list, find companies that interest you, and start reaching out.

Navin Pareek tweeted out this image of what he calls the “tech stack of the future”, essentially companies creating low/no-code platforms. While some of these are more established, others are still growing so spend some time looking through these companies and reaching out to the ones that look interesting.

Bonus: I saw on Product Hunt and thought I’d share with you all. Looks like a great platform to continue improving your technical chops.

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