Into Tech: Communication APIs, Task Automation, Remote Work Market, and More

This past week’s newly funded startups, jobs, and tips

Hey everyone, hope you all had a great weekend! It’s a short week but that shouldn't stop you from reaching out to companies you are excited about! Hope the resources below are helpful.

By the way, I will be giving a talk in August on how to get into the tech industry and create exciting job opportunities for yourself. Hope you can join!

Newly Funded Startups


Sonder is a tech-driven hospitality company offering spaces built for travel and life in cities around the world. Think of them as an accommodation that feels like home but has hotel style amenities. They just raised $170 million at a $1.3 billion valuation.

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Nylas offers an API platform that enables developers to quickly and securely access and process user data from any email, calendar, and contacts provider. They currently have over 450 customers around the world using their platform to serve more than 1.2 billion API calls and sync 15TB of data. They just announced their Series B round of $25 million in funding.

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Third Wave Automation

Alright, this one is super cool and different. Combining machine learning, computer vision and robotic material handling, they have created the world's most advanced autonomous forklift. They just came out of stealth mode and announced a $15 million Series A.

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Job Opportunities 

FYI: if you see 2+ years of experience on a job post, apply anyway

Front End Engineer (SF) | HelloOffice

HelloOffice is a technology-powered commercial real estate brokerage helping companies search for office space. They actually just raised $20 million in funding so they should be well positioned to grow their team and business.

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Software Engineer (SF) | Slab

Slab is building a knowledge hub for the remote workplace making it super easy for distributed workforces to share information, collaborate, and quickly find answers. They have a nice editor, blazing fast search, and dozens of integrations.

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Jr. JavaScript Software Engineer (SF) | Tray

Tray has built no-code software that enables businesses to quickly connect hundreds of services together to help automate tasks that previously required many hours of engineering. They are also hiring for a frontend software engineer.

LinkedIn | Crunchbase

Tips & Tricks

If you see a company you like but don’t see any available positions on their careers page, go to their LinkedIn and click See all (number) of employees. Reach out to one or more of the employees who may be able to tell you more about the company and if there are any roles available that would fit your skillset.

Elaine Zelby put together a Remote Work Market Map highlighting different companies in many categories who are building technology to support remote workforces. As the world’s businesses have to adapt to remote work, the companies listed here helping to enable it should certainly do well. I highly recommend you check out each one of the companies on the market map and start reaching out to the ones that interest you.

Business Insider wrote an article on 14 investors and VC firms funding innovative startups built around YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok creators and the influencer industry. Spend some time going through the article, reading about the startups, and going through each VC firms’ portfolio. You never know what kinds of interesting startups you may discover.

That’s all for this week, thanks for reading!

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