Into Tech: Startups, Jobs, News, Tips (06/01)

Machine learning for drug discovery, autonomous vehicle opportunities, news thanks to AI, and more

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Newly Funded Startups

Machine Learning for Drug Discovery

Insitro is a machine-learning driven drug discovery and development company. Research and development of new drugs for diseases is expensive and time consuming so their goal is to use machine learning to help more quickly discover new pharmaceuticals. After raising $100 million a little more than a year ago, they’ve announced their Series B round, raising an additional $143 million.

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Healthcare Tech for Women

Tia is building digital wellness apps, clinics, and telehealth services for women. They are working on building a better healthcare system for women, one that better understands and more closely caters to their specific healthcare needs. They announced a $24 million series A.

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Crowdsourced Cybersecurity

Synack is a crowdsourced security platform that utilizes augmented intelligence to discover and secure vulnerable applications. They build AI-enhanced tools and have a cohort of white hat hackers that other companies pay to help test their site’s cybersecurity. They raised $52 million in this last round (series D).

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Job Opportunities

Junior Software Engineer, Integrations and Data Collection

Tenjin is a mobile marketing analytics and growth infrastructure company offering products and services for user acquisition and monetization.

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Software Engineer - Automation, Tools & Infrastructure

Coda is reimagining documentation making it easier than ever for teams to collaborate in one place.

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Software Engineer - New Grad

Applied Intuition provides software infrastructure to safely develop, test, and deploy autonomous vehicles.

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What’s New in the Industry

Autonomous Prescriptions

Nuro, an autonomous delivery company, has partnered with CVS to handle curbside delivery of prescriptions and other goods. Don’t get too excited though, they are just launching their pilot in Houston so we will need keep our fingers crossed they expand quickly!

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Offices Reimagined

The next time you are in an office, you might be watched… Not by a human but by a sensor. VergeSense builds technology for real-time analysis of every floor, room, and desk in an office providing occupant counts and foot-traffic-triggered cleaning notifications. The company announced a $9 million fundraise claiming they are on track” to be up 500% quarter over quarter.

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News, Brought to You by AI

Microsoft has announced they are laying off employees who curated news for and Microsoft News. This move comes as they push their AI technology to do more selection of news and articles. Certainly, there should be concerns with giving AI the reins to decide what content to show, so it will be interesting to see how the field evolves. Look out for more companies working on technologies that can understand sarcasm, nuance, and factuality.

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Tips & Tricks

Forbes released their 2020 Next Billion-Dollar Startups. Based on nominations from 300 venture capital firms, these are the startups those firms believe will be successful and reach Unicorn status (valued at $1 billion or more). If you are job hunting, go through this list and find the companies you like. Reach out to their recruiters and/or apply to their jobs. These companies should provide you many learning and growth opportunities.

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