Into Tech: Upskilling, Data Science Tools, Disruptors, and More

This past week’s newly funded startups, jobs, and tips

Thanks to everyone that shared their feedback. In the interest of making this newsletter as useful as possible for you, I have removed the industry news section. The purpose of this newsletter is to help you get into tech, so I will focus on the things that do that most effectively.

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Newly Funded Startups

Access to Credit

Upgrade is helping make personal loans and credit cards more simple and accessible. More than 10 million people have applied for a card or loan and they have already extended more than $3 billion in credit to users! They announced a $40 million Series D round.

LinkedIn | Crunchbase

Upskilling Platform

Degreed is a learning platform where individuals and organizations can discover content, build skills, and certify expertise. In essence, they enable employers to help employees learn new skills (referred to as upskilling) for their current job or in general. They announced a $32 million round of venture funding.

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Data Science Tools

Streamlit is a super cool company that I just learned about. They are building an open-source interactive tool that helps data scientists and machine learning engineers create beautiful, performant apps in only a few hours! Check out their gallery for an idea of what their technology enables. They just raised a $21 million Series A!

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Job Opportunities

Frontend Engineer (SF) | Streamlit

This company is so awesome I just had to feature it in the jobs section as well! Learn more about them above. Join them to help shape the future of simple and elegant data science tooling.

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Software Engineer (SF) | Juni Learning

Juni Learning is building an online learning academy for kids. With the recent surge in online learning needs, Juni is definitely solving an important problem.

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Software Engineer (SF) | Heap

Heap is building a super slick and easy to use product analytics platform. They enable hundreds of businesses to track and understand user behavior and metrics and use that insight to build better products.

LinkedIn | Crunchbase

Tips & Tricks

If you see a company you like above but don’t see any available positions, click on their LinkedIn and click See all (number) of employees. Reach out to one (or more) of the employees who may be able to tell you more about the company and if there are any roles available that would fit your skillset.

Whenever you see 2+ years of experience on a job posting, apply even if you don’t have that. Most experience requirements are suggestions. Don’t do the job of the companies by rejecting yourself, let them do their job.

Blind has an ongoing list of companies still hiring despite COVID-19. Look through the list and start reaching out to those companies.

Every year, CNBC releases their Disruptor 50, companies that they believe are changing the world, growing rapidly, and will dominate the markets they are in. Go through the 50 companies and look through their careers pages. There is a 2019, 2018, and 2017 list. You know what you need to do 😉

That’s all for this week, thanks for reading!

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